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Wild Bird Hospital and Shelter Conservational Foundation



Our goal

The aim of the Wild Bird Hospital is to heal and bring back to health the injured wild birds and if possible, let them back into the nature. Otherwise, we take care of them their whole life.


Our task is to rescue helpless birds, to protect endangered species, and make presentations about our birds to educate the public and to help protect the environment. No matter what kind of bird species, we would like and try to help them all.

We would like to show all a good example of how to love and care for animals and to show the way we love to help them. We want to demonstrate examples of humanity, harmony and responsibility.


We believe that our efforts effect the right way of thinking and that our professional activities can make a meaningful contribution to a better world.


The Wild Bird Hospital and Shelter’s story began over 18 years ago. The founder was Berkényi Tamás DVM who is the head conservator and veterinarian.


In the Wild Bird Hospital, we bring back to health around 350-400 birds every year. That means more than 50 different kind of species! From a mere sparrow to a highly prized and endangered bird. Our success rate in getting them back into the nature is approximately 40%.

Found a bird?

Please bring the bird to our hospital or call us on +36 30 9464 991. (Dr.Berkenyi)

We will accept injured birds at any time with a phone call. Please add your name, phone number and e-mail address to a well closed box. In addition please add where and when did you found the bird in order for us to set it free in the original geographical area.


Save birds-save souls

The next generation mimics what we teach and educate them. We can set good examples for our children, which will positively influence their future and fate.

“Education makes the people and people make the country.”

(Teréz Brunszvik)


We believe that to save a bird’s life is also saving a soul!

Our kindergarten, school and environmental educational programs



To save a bird means making sacrifices, being helpful, patient and sympathetic. The healthy and free bird can demonstrate to the children on how they can contribute to the world and make a difference!  We visit schools and kindergartens. With our engaging, hands on presentations, we display the birds and talk about how we nurture and help and how important it is to be able to take care of these creatures of life. We demonstrate to the students how helping another life, makes a meaningful contribution and it empowers the children with hope and fulfillment of happiness. We also talk about the environmental values and how to respect nature. The children learn to appreciate and sympathize with life.


Who bends over to pick up a little chick that fell from the nest and transport an injured bird to our hospital will carry over to help for another person too. As you can see, with the Wild Bird Hospital, saving birds also translates into teaching the children about caring.  People who understand the environment and get to know the birds will consciously protect them. 


To encourage this activity, we founded an award called Madármentés-Lélekmentés (Save birds – Save souls).  We give this prize annually for those people who demonstrate the best example in saving a bird!

The Garden of Birds

 For those unfortunate birds who cannot fly anymore but are perfectly healed, we can not let them back into the wild. We need to house them here permanently and display them for those interested. This would be like a zoo of birds what would have 3 main parts:  1) a hospital, 2) a bird garden (or sanctuary) and 3) an education center.


The garden would be a great tourist destination as well, and also would be a fantastic new attraction for the city.  Everyone could take a closer look of the birds which are endemic to Hungary and migrate over the country!


In addition, we would have the bird hospital and ambulance care center which can continuously receive the injured and sick birds.


The education center would be a perfect place for presentations, exhibitions and environmental educations. Here we would also like to highlight the effects of harmful activities of the world and its sad outcomes.


Because this city hosts an outstanding historical attraction, this complex would be the very best place to display the beautiful birds here who took such an important place in our history.


According to the council of the city, our vision must be implemented and that is why they gave us an area of one hectare.

Ways to Support Our Work

Because your small contribution can make a big difference!

Wild Bird Hospital and Shelter Conservational Foundation For saving the wild birds.


With your kind and generous support, you can help us in saving and healing our precious birds.

With your donations, we buy crucial medicines, bird food, and also contribute a large amount to the environmental educational program in schools and kindergartens to teach our children and to open their eyes to nature and our precious birds.


Please help us in saving a bird! The next time you look up into the sky, it just might be the very bird you saved.


It is very easy to support us:

With a wire transfer to the account of the Wild Bird Hospital and Shelter


IBAN: HU8910400889-50505448-49551016

How to reach us:

  • The representative  is: Dr. Tamás Berkényi veterinarian
  • Cell: +36 30 9464 991
  • e-mail: berkenyi@vadmadarkorhaz.hu
  • IBAN: HU8910400889-50505448-49551016
  • Account number of the Wild Bird Hospital and Shelter: 10400889-50505448-49551016
  • Tax number: 18502693-1-07
  • Website: www.vadmadarkorhaz.hu


We thank you in advance on behalf of nature and our birds!


translation by: Elizabeth Balogh